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Light Duty Towing

You just never know when a car will breakdown or malfunction. So it is important to find a reliable towing service beforehand, so you will be prepared in case of an emergency.

Towing Garden Grove provides light duty towing for lightweight vehicles. Light duty vehicles are vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than 10,000 pounds. These vehicles normally include cars, light trucks, vans, and motorcycles.

Our tow truck fleet can handle any type of vehicles, we can move them safely to any destination you need to go to Garden Grove, CA, and surrounding areas.

We have wheel lift tow trucks and flatbed tow trucks to do the towing.

Wheel lift tow trucks have a metal yoke attached to a hydraulic powered boom. The metal yoke can be placed either to the front pair or rear pair of wheels and lift them. The remaining pair of wheels are on the ground during towing. Sometimes a tow dolly is used for vehicles that need care in the transmission.

Flatbed tow trucks have a platform fitted on the back of the tow truck. The platform is movable and adjustable, it can be slid down to allow vehicles to drive up. Once the vehicle is placed onto the platform, the wheels will be tied down and secured. Then it will be transported without the wheels coming into contact with the ground.

Timely Light Duty Towing

We are always ready to answer to each and every customer’s towing requests. Everyone in the team knows their roles and the standard operating procedures. Our fast response time means you will not be standing on the roadside for long. We will reach your location in 40 minutes or less unless there is a delay due to poor weather or traffic conditions.

Give us a call, and we will have our technicians heading to where you are. We will need some information from you. It will include the model, year, and make of your vehicle as well as your location.

Light Duty Towing

Care for Your Safety

While waiting for the arrival of tow trucks, it is also important to take the necessary safety precautions to ensure your safety.

If you are left on the busy road and traffic, try staying clear from them. Try to get to the shoulder of the road away from the oncoming traffic. This can prevent careless drivers from knocking you or the vehicle on the road.

Also, make sure your hazard lights are turned on. The other motorists can notice you, and the car is idle. If will be better if you have roadside warning triangles or flares to warn your presence to the other drivers on the road. Place them about 15 to 20 feet behind your vehicle to let the other drivers have the visuals.

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