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Roadside Assistance

Towing Garden Grove is open 24/7 for your convenience.  Our Company is also available for services on all major holidays, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Our staff is professional and will get you out of a jam quickly.  Call us now!

Tire Change

Having a Flat Tire is the most common roadside issues a driver face while on the road. When drivers encounter problems like this, it will be great to know that there are professionals that can help them handle the situation. It can reduce the anxiety they are having while stuck on the side of the road. Whether it is a flat tire or tire blowout, we can provide the tire replacement service. We are the most cost-effective and reliable and cost-effective tire change service that you can choose. When you call, we will respond fast and arrive at your location soonest we can. We will also finish it with efficiency and speed so that you can continue with your journey.

Jump Start

Towing Garden Grove is at your assistance when you need a jump start for your car battery. Our roadside service technicians are always standing by 24-hour daily. When you are on the road with a dead battery, give a call to us to assist you.

Sometimes car batteries will go flat. It may be due to expiry, other times it may be a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. Whatever the cause, our roadside technicians will be there when you need us. We have all the proper jump start cable and equipment to assist you in starting the engine again.

We will do everything we can to respond to the requests quickly. Your convenience and satisfaction are important to us. That is the reason for our trucks to be fully equipped for any towing or roadside assistance tasks.

Gas Delivery / Fuel Delivery Service

It is never pleasant to find yourself run out of car gas. You know you should have refilled it when you got the time, but sometimes life is too hectic, and you forgot all about it. It could also due to a faulty fuel gauge. But no matter the causes, should you need fuel delivery service, we at Towing Garden Grove can provide what you need.

By getting our fuel delivery services, our technicians will arrive at your location and refuel your vehicle. You can get back on road in no time. Our 24-hour service can help you in receiving immediate support at your location. You will not have difficulty in getting back to the car seat and your destination. We provide gas delivery at affordable prices. You will get the car gas delivered to you at the earliest when you call for our roadside assistance.

Lockout Services

Car lockouts are commonly encountered in roadside problems. According to statistics from AAA, hundreds of thousands of drivers accidentally lock their keys in the cars yearly. As the sophisticated car lock systems continue to improve, it will be more and more difficult for an untrained person to try to force open the car doors.

Unlocking car doors can be a complicated task. You will need the skill, equipment, and tools to do it right. Trying to open the car door yourself can damage your car, from causing marks on the paint to damaging the lock linkages and door panels. If you need a damage-free way to get yourself back to the car seat, you can contact us.