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Vehicle problems occur to motorists daily, which is why Towing Garden Grove is here to help you prevent possible schedules disrupting vehicle breakdowns. Vehicle breakdowns do come in all sorts of fashion, the following will discuss the commonly happened roadside issues which motorists encounter most of the times.

1. Flat Tire

Tires do go flat eventually, therefore to be on the safe side it is better to prepare a spare tire whenever you travel on the road. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 15 percent of tire failures are caused by damages, whereas remaining percentage are attributed to slow tire leaks. Thus in order to prevent flat tire breakdowns, they should be checked and inflated properly. When you need assistance in changing tire on busy road, we can help with our tire changing service.

2. Jump Start Vehicle

You are in a hurry for meeting or work, but when you turn on the ignition, you realize the engine can’t be started. Vehicle battery failure is a mishap that frequently happens to drivers. Most people do not have the habit of checking the vehicle batteries. As a result, failed battery always caught them off guard. Usually the battery terminals need to be inspected for any possible corrosion, also they need to inspect annually after using 3 years. If you require a fast and quick fix, you can always call us for jump start service to get your vehicle going.

3. Vehicle Lockouts

People may feel embarrassed for locking themselves out of their own vehicles. However, this is actually an common issue happening each year to different drivers, there can be thousands of car lockout cases each year in the country. According to Consumer Reports, it is wise to keep a pair of spare keys with you. However, if you happen to be locked outside your car and has other alternatives, you can call our roadside assistance for help.

4. Refueling Car Gas

Car gas delivery service is commonly provided by many of the tow truck companies nationwide. In fact, according to USA Today, this service is in so much demand, that technology industries provide smartphone applications for dispatching drivers with pickup trucks containing car gas to fill the near-empty car tanks. When you happen to be at locations where there are no nearby gas stations around Garden Grove area, you can call and check with us for gas delivery availability. We are more than willing to help you whenever possible.